Youth Soccer Drills

Fifty-two of them in a handy deck of cards. Keep it in your pocket, fan them out for a quick glance, “stack” the deck before practice with the four you want to do that day. Broken into four color-coded categories; passing, dribbling, shooting and defense, you’ll never be at a loss for what to do next. Let a player pick a card from the deck as a reward, hand cards off to assistants so that large teams can be broken into smaller stations. The possibilities are endless with CoachDeck.

Soccer Drills

There are tons of places to get online soccer drills and that’s great for those times when you have nothing else to do and you’re not busy and  you can just surf the net for hours on end and watch videos. Maybe some volunteer coaches do that. But our experience has been not many coaches have that kind of time on their hands. That’s why we developed CoachDeck. A handy pack of 52 drills broken into four color-coded categories designed for recreational mom and dad coaches who can barely show up for each practice on time from work. If that description fits you, our deck of cards might be just what you need. And we also have a deck for baseball, football, basketball and softball.