CoachDeck Soccer client feedback

Below is some terrific feedback we received from a client using our CoachDeck for soccer. Every coach needs a CoachDeck!

Yes I recieved the deck, and my initial thoughts are great. The drills look easy to do and learn from a coaching perspective and a young player perspective. 

I was finally able to use 2 of the drills Monday evening. First Time Shooting and Bumpout. Both of which were easy to set up and the kids loved doing it. 

I love the soccer balls indicating difficulty so I can try to pick from the easier ones to start and build up. 

Personally I have a difficult time figuring out soccer drills because soccer doesn’t come to me as naturally as basketball does. So when I plan a soccer practice I’m nervous to find great skill oriented drills and I’m not sure if it will necessarily be any fun. 

Then when I find a drill online I have to reread it many times to figure out what exactly to do. With CoachDeck, after you get familiar with the terminology, a quick look twice over the card and im confident and ready to go!

I can definitely see a first time coach having a much easier time preparing for practice with CoachDeck. Also a coach like myself that’s been doing it for a couple of years, I’m less stressed knowing I have plenty of drills if I don’t have time to sit down and search for drills online. 

I definitely love the product!

Five-Star Rating

Below is a review from one of our online retail partners, written about our CoachDeck for Soccer. We know you’ll feel the same way!

These are very simple, yet applicable to the game. Instantly I found myself flipping through the cards and creating my next practice. I am able now to break my team up into groups and give them a card and briefly explain it and not have to worry about micro managing the entire team. They are so simple to use that the groups can almost coach themselves. I am then able to move amongst the groups giving pointers and monitoring them take ownership in the progress and growth. This is really making a difference with my team.