Remembering what it’s about

This is the time of year that youth baseball coaches start to turn on the competitive spirit. League championships, all-stars. But it is also the time of year to remember what our most important purpose in coaching is, and that is to make sure our players want to come back and play again. This story might put it into perspective.


52 Drills in a Deck of Cards

Tired of trying to pull up coaching drills on your phone or at work when you remember you have practice starting in a half hour? Nothing is more convenient than having a handy deck of cards with 52 drills broken into four color-coded categories. Volunteer baseball, softball, soccer, football and basketball coaches all over North America have been relying on our fun and easy-to-use product for years. You can too!

Have a fantastic Friday

Watching the NHL Playoffs this weekend? Maybe the NBA? Hopefully enjoying the nice spring weather and going outside for a round of golf, some tennis, or perhaps coaching a youth baseball, softball or soccer game using your CoachDeck cards. Whatever the plan, make it fun and make it sporting!

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Quote for Tuesday from an unusual source

We got one of those weird SPAM emails that is sent to a ton of people whose emails we didn’t recognize. We, of course, weren’t going to click any virus-filled links, but there weren’t any. Only this quote, which we think is great: “A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor”. Let’s all remember that sometimes adversity is only there to make us stronger and have a great day!