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Quote for Tuesday from an unusual source

We got one of those weird SPAM emails that is sent to a ton of people whose emails we didn’t recognize. We, of course, weren’t going to click any virus-filled links, but there weren’t any. Only this quote, which we think is great: “A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor”. Let’s all remember that sometimes adversity is only there to make us stronger and have a great day!

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Safe Baseball and Softball

We have some new and exciting news coming soon! We have aligned with a company that is going to ensure that your coaches run the safest possible baseball and softball practices and games. We are very concerned and passionate about youth baseball and softball safety and this relationship is one that we will proudly point to as a monumental accomplishment.

CoachDeck for T-Ball?

We get asked once in a while if we do a version of CoachDeck for T-Ball. We tried to make CoachDeck comprehensive so it can be used by coaches from T-Ball all the way up to high school. Some of the drills in the deck are too advanced for T-Ball, but some, such as Cap Buttons are perfect for all ages. What we hear from leagues that give these to their youngest coaches is that at the beginning of the season the coaches can use a handful of the drills but that by the end of the season they’re using many more because the players have advanced so much.¬† In fact, we’ve seen “very similar” versions of some of our drills online being touted by a national organization as great T-Ball drills.