Another tip for coaching youth baseball or softball

Continuing our sort of, “mini-series” on tips for coaching youth softball or baseball, here is our third of the week: Prepare players in advance for things that will happen at games instead of trying to coach them after. In other words, a good coach will anticipate situations that may arise once the ball is put in play and runners are on the bases rather than try to instruct when it is too late. A great way to do this is with one of the drills in our baseball or softball deck called “Live Situations.” Do this drill at each practice with your team and you’ll have yourself and the team prepared for any eventuality, which means your players will know what to do when it happens instead of being scolded for not getting it right.

More baseball coaching tips

If you’re running a baseball or softball team this spring, here’s another idea to make practices go a little more smoothly. Break your team up into smaller groups so that they get more repetitions and so that there is less standing around. Have one assistant coach take 3-4¬†players out into right field and work on base running. Have another helper take another 3-4 into left field and have them catch pop flies. Meanwhile you can spread the rest around the infield and work on ground balls and throws to first. After five or six minutes, rotate the groups each to a new station. If you need ideas for stations to do with your teams, or specific instructions to give to your assistants, our deck of cards can definitely help. With a CoachDeck, even if your helper is just a parent who came to watch, they can run a fun and valuable drills which helps you create a dynamic and effective practice environment.