What a weekend!

For those of you dragging into work today bleary-eyed from hundreds of dunks, threes and brackets, we’re right there with you. A few days off and then it all starts again. We don’t know if this was the “most upsetting” first four days in NCAA Tournament history, but it sure felt like it. This is why we need to always have college basketball. No pro development league will provide a millionth of the drama and spectacle. Let’s hope this magic event never goes away.

Basketball buffet

Today, sit down to a feast of college basketball hoops….all you can eat….beginning at Noon EST and going late into the night. March is here. Hope you’re hungry!¬†http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/

Best two weeks in sports of the year?

Yeah, we know. We say it other times too. Like in the fall when we’re enjoying postseason baseball, college and pro football, and the early stirrings of hockey and the NBA. But as far as two weeks of concentrated action, we don’t think you can beat the week of NCAA basketball conference championships followed by the glorious first week of the NCAA Tourney. We love college hoops!

Wild day in college basketball

Well if yesterday was any indication, this year’s March Madness tournament will be especially crazy. For the first time in 20 years three of the top four teams were defeated. Number One Villanova was upset by Marquette, West Virgina beat Kansas, and Kentucky fell to unranked Tennessee. Take a look at the excitement here, courtesy of ESPN.com.

Why we love the madness

March Madness is incredible and the four consecutive days we get at the beginning of the tournament every year are the best four days in sports. Here’s to the final day of the fourth being the best.

Where can I watch today’s tournament games?

If you’re at work, you probably have the online schedule wired with the “boss button” ready to go any minute. But if you’re lucky enough to be in front of a television today, here is the full schedule in graphic form, courtesy of USA Today. Here’s hoping your bracket isn’t busted after Round One!

Seven predictions for the NCAA tournament

It’s that time! NCAA Tournament time! Nothing beats this time of year. And this year may be the most difficult bracket to fill out in history. There haven’t been as many losses in the top ten in 50 years. It looks like anyone in the top twenty (or even forty) could beat anyone else on a given day. Here, courtesy of USA Today are a few bold predictions that might help you in your bracket selections. Good luck!

We love this time of year!

Is it finally here? NCAA basketball’s smorgasbord of thrilling moments, buzzer beaters, fantastic finishes, elation and heartbreak is upon us! It begins this week with the conference tournaments, many of which will provide Cinderella invitations to the Big Dance. Then, next week, (can it be?) is the beginning of the greatest sporting event of the year, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Get your remote controls ready!

Should UCLA have fired Ben Howland?

By all accounts, Ben Howland was a class act – a gentleman. In his ten years at UCLA he led his team to three Final Fours, something 95% of the schools in D1 college basketball would sign up for in a minute. This past season, his squad won the conference title. Yet, still, this week he was fired by the school. L.A. Times’ columnist Bill Plaschke believes the school did the right thing. However another L.A. Times columnist, Bill Dwyre opines that Howland’s firing is just an example of the sad and misguided state of college basketball. Which side do you take?