Drills for soccer coaches

What do you do if you’re a volunteer youth soccer coach and you show up at practice straight from work? Do you remember the detailed training curriculum your league provided? Do you have time now to review it? Probably not. Can you pull something up on your phone while 10 energetic kids bounce from one foot to another looking at you? Doubtful.

That’s why you need a CoachDeck. Pull out your deck of fifty-two fundamental drills that can all be made into fun games kids love broken into four color-coded categories, (dribbling, passing, shooting, defense), and in less than a minute you have terrific practice plan that is sure to be a hit!


Easy, fun baseball drills

You’re a volunteer coach and you stepped up to manage a youth baseball team this spring. Where to you begin? You’ll want to run practices that are fun and technically-sound, but don’t have time to read books or manuals or go online and study.  You need a CoachDeck! Inside this little powerhouse deck of cards are 52 good drills that can all be made into fun games that your team will love. Your players will get better, but they’ll just think they’re playing!

Baseball and Softball Drills

We know who you are.  You’ve been recruited to coach your son or daughter’s youth baseball or softball team, but you’re scared to death. You don’t know what to do at practice and you’re imagining all the other parents off to the side criticizing what a terrible job you’re doing. You don’t have time to log onto websites, download practice plans, watch streaming videos and print out sheets of paper containing drills. You need something quick and easy (and even fun) you can use “on the fly” when you show up at practice straight from work. Well, we also know what you need. A CoachDeck. Inside you’ll find 52 easy-to-understand drills with illustrations that can be made into games kids love. You’ll look like you’ve been coaching for years and your kids, (and those parents) will love you for it.