What are you going to do this weekend?

Got an all-star tournament to attend? Going golfing on a warm summer day? Maybe a swim at the beach? Tennis anyone? Whatever you do, around the chores and sleeping in, make sure to get out and get some sports and exercise in. When Monday rolls around again you’ll be glad you did. Enjoy your weekend!

Deskercises from Time and PHIT America

Thanks to our partner, PHIT America.org for bringing us this nifty article they discovered in Time Magazine. Time has given us ten “deskercises” we can do at work to help fend off the insidious effects of being sedentary for hours at a time. PHIT is committed to getting Americans active and healthy and reversing the “inactivity pandemic” affecting our country. Get up out of your chairs today and “workout” while you work!

In the Bleachers for your Saturday

If you don’t feel like exercising but would like to lose a few pounds, In the Bleachers‘ Steve Moore has a solution. Enjoy your weekend, (and get out and move around)! Courtesy Go Comics.


Twins show value of exercise

If you aren’t sure the dramatic effects exercise can have on your health, a Finish study ought to convince you. Our partners at PHIT America.org summarize the study here. Get out and get active!

Inactivity Kills More Than Obesity

This is a must-read from our partners at PHIT America.org. Nearly all of us need to exercise more. For some of us, even a little would be a great start. Kids and adults alike need to put down their electronic devices, get up and move around. Cold weather is no excuse! Read the study done by the BBC and get motivated to be healthier!