FIFA Laws of the Game

Did you know there’s an Owners’ Manual for soccer put out by FIFA? If  you’re not sure about any rules, this is a really good place to start…and finish. It is complete, thorough and yet concise. Even the most entrenched soccer coach/admin might find a thing or two here about which they weren’t previously aware. For instance, did you know that according to the international governing body of soccer, the color of the playing surface for all games MUST be green? Those of us playing on those worn out, drought-stricken fields better get out a can of spray paint!

World Cup floppage

Someone took the time to rewind every one of the penalties called in this year’s World Cup and rate whether the calls were warranted, or whether flopping was involved. Some of these are pretty funny, or sad, depending on  how you view them. Check it out here.

Could this be the best World Cup ever?

Bleacher Report gives us 50 reasons why it may be. Who knew “vanishing spray” was a thing?