How does this sound?

Are you one of the legions of fans who feel that the current NCAA Football format of a four-team playoff doesn’t go far enough? There are several teams that will be left out of the playoff who may very well be better than some of the four that will be in. Here is a good take on the situation, and a solution we would love to see implemented.

First night of college hoops!

We love NCAA sports…especially football and basketball. And today’s first day of college basketball, the opening tip on the road to the Final Four has us fired-up! There’s a great slate of games on tap. Check your local listings and enjoy Friday evening by the hardwood!

Tonight’s the night!

You know we’ll be watching. What a game this promises to be. Wisconsin vs. Duke, a battle of two #1 seeds. And as exciting as it is, we have to admit a little sadness when the tournament ends. It is the greatest sporting event in U.S. and when CBS plays, One Shining Moment, signifying the official end of the tourney and the NCAA basketball season, there is always a melancholy feeling like saying goodbye to a good friend you won’t see for a long time. Enjoy the game!