PHIT going to The House!

Big announcement from our friends at!

Great News! The PHIT ACT passed the House Ways and Means Committee by a vote of 28-7 with significant bi-partisan support.  It now goes to full House of Representatives for a vote during the week of July 23 as part of the Health Savings Act Reform Bill.

We will keep you posted but your support has helped. Lets keep the pressure on. We are ‘moving it down the field’

PHIT America thanks you for your support. The ‘Inactivty Pandemic’ continues to get worse but passing the PHIT Act is a great step to create an active, fit and healthy America.

Soon we will be announcing great results for our PHIT America GO! Grants for 2018. We will also start to educate Americans on the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ and our solutions.  You will be seeing the release of our 30-minute PHIT America Documercial and video.  And, this fall, look out for a high visibilty 45 day fitness ‘ride’ across America.

Stay posted.

Get the word out on PHIT

Our partners, PHIT have sent out the following news flash. And it should get our attention. Life expectancy is dropping in the United States. With all the new advancements in medicine and health care, how can this be happening. Read the article for the reasons and share so that everyone knows about PHIT’s mission!


Top 15 growth sports or activities

While PHIT has been telling us about the rising cost of American obesity, (30% of Americans are classified as overweight), there is some good news. Many sports and activities are seeing a boost in participation numbers. And many are not what you might expect. Take a look at the full list here and an analysis of what it means for the future.

Twins show value of exercise

If you aren’t sure the dramatic effects exercise can have on your health, a Finish study ought to convince you. Our partners at PHIT summarize the study here. Get out and get active!

Keep kids fit in the winter

It is a challenge to stay active during the cold winter months. We’re looking for suggestions on how to make sure everyone, kids especially, get enough exercise even when it is frigid outside. We like competitions. See who can do the most sit-ups or push-ups or jumping jacks in one hour. What ideas do you have? Let us know.