Punishment, or privilege?

The families of some football players in affluent Napa Valley, CA feel their youngsters were mistreated when asked to clean a bus they traveled in. What do you think about this story, courtesy of the Napa Valley Register.

Sports alive and well in the United States

There are some doom and gloom prognostications about the state of professional sports in the United States. Football has a concussion problem. Parents are no longer allowing their children to play. Baseball has a millennial issue. The game is too slow for the new, “I need to know everything now” generation. Pro basketball does not relate to the common fan.

Well, over 100 million people watched the Super Bowl, Major League revenues continue to soar, and the NBA’s ratings are up 30% this year. What is America’s pastime? Watching sports, enjoying our teams, and rooting for athletes. We believe it always will be.

Gruden trying to save football

We know him from his successful coaching career and his arguably more successful broadcasting career, but you may not know that Jon Gruden is also an outspoken advocate for the game of football itself. He specifically wants to see an increase in funding for high school football, citing the game’s many ancillary benefits in social and community realms. He might have a great point.

It’s the most wonderful time…

…of the year. No we’re not talking about the holiday season. We’re talking about football starting, baseball playoff races culminating, hockey and basketball around the corner…autumn weather which means in between watching games we can go outside and enjoy a brisk walk or a game of touch football, maybe some tennis or a few hoops. Whatever it is you love to do, watch, participate…hopefully both…you can do it this time of year! Enjoy your weekend!

Favoritism or Family?

We came across an interesting article from the Baton Rouge Advocate detailing how four coaches at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette coach their children on their teams. We get tons of questions and complaints from youth league parents stemming from the favoritism they feel is given to the sons and daughters of youth league coaches. At the college level is this the highest form of nepotism in sports, or is it a nice thing that should be allowed and even encouraged?

Happy Friday from us at CoachDeck

We hope your weekend is filled with athletic adventure! Ride a bike. Shoot a ball. Catch a ball. Watch a ball game. Maybe it’s all-star time for your kids. No matter what, get out of the house and channel your inner-superstar! Have a great weekend.

Risks and rewards of football

Football can be dangerous. More and more awareness is being brought to the subject. It is also a great sport in terms of fun and life-lessons. This article from NPR is a terrific, balanced perspective. As high school and college football seasons end around the country we pray for everyone’s safety.