And then they signed him

A lucky, (yes, that’s probably the right word) fan at an ECHL Orlando Solar Bears game drilled a nearly length-of-the-ice shot through an opening slightly larger than a puck to win 100K. If you listen to the announcer you can imagine he was looking down at his phone, or maybe his hot dog, as the shot went in. Courtesy of FOX Sports and Cameron DaSilva.

How likeable is your Sweet 16 team?

Well, everyone’s got their own opinion. However, Stewart Mandel of Fox Sports’s counts more because he writes a nationally-syndicated column. So we’re not taking any sides here, but we found Stewart’s picks interesting. Welcome back, March Madness. We missed you the first half of this week.

Little League denies use of yellow ball to boy with visual impairment

One of our clients, Grosse Pointe Woods Little League, has a player named Ryan Huizdos who has a rare a visual impairment due to albinism. His condition causes him to not be able to see a white ball as quickly as other players. It appears he has been using a yellow ball during the season but Little League said he could not do so during the all-star tournament. You can read the article, courtesy of Fox Sports, here. There seem to be some details missing and there was not statement from Little League. What do you think of this?

Funny for Friday

Courtesy of FOX Sports, here is something guaranteed to bring some chuckles to you going into the weekend. You’ll enjoy these top Saturday Night Live skits involving athletes over the years.

Seventy-five years ago he considered himself the luckiest man on earth

You’ll get chills watching Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech at Yankee Stadium…75 years ago yesterday. View it here courtesy of Fox Sports and