Don’t forget to have fun

You want to win, we get that. You want all the hard work you put in during practice to pay off. But remember, these are just kids you’re coaching and kids mostly want to have fun. So don’t take it too seriously today. Crack some jokes. Smile. Make up some nicknames for your players. Do whatever you can to help your players understand that it’s not life and death out there. And, ironically, when they relax they’ll probably play better.

What do you want most from your child’s sports experience?

Some thoughts to ponder going into the weekend: We’re wondering what you would like for your child to gain from his or her youth sports experience? Is the goal to simply have fun? To learn about competition and striving to win but learning how to lose? Is it the life lessons that can be learned in sports? Lessons of perseverance, tenacity, the reward of hard work, getting up and dusting yourself off after failure? Do you wish for your child to have social interaction? Learn to be a part of a team? Are you more interested in tangible outcomes such has improving at the sport with an eye on making a high school team, playing in college or even professionally? Let us know your thoughts at We’d love to have your input.