Why the fungo is the coach’s friend

This article was contributed by our friends at Viper Bats

Ever gotten tired after hitting a round of infield/outfield practice? Or perhaps frustrated with not hitting balls where you want them to go? Well let me introduce you to every coach’s best friend, the fungo.

Before the creation of the fungo, or “coach’s bat”, all coaches used a standard bat designed for hitting pitched balls. This meant swinging heavier, thicker bats with balance properties intended for leveraging the mass of the bat against the ball. Great for games, but when you’re taking hundreds of hacks a day, these characteristics lead to a higher rate of fatigue, which translates to inaccuracy and sloppiness that coaches loathe. Thus, the fungo was invented.

The benefit to using fungos is that they’re designed for precision with minimal effort. This is accomplished by creating a bat that is lighter and with a profile that generates more flex and whip, making it the ideal bat for coaches.

For even greater control, fungos come in various lengths. For a coach who predominately hits ground balls, the 34” would be the suggested length; its shorter profile gives you superior barrel control for perfect placement without the worry of fatigue. If you’re looking to hit fly balls, the longer 35” and 36” models allow for more extension, creating extra whip and making it practically effortless to drive the ball with the desired loft.

After length is determined, the handle type is the next factor to consider and is where we here at Viper Bats separate ourselves from the rest of the pack. For the traditionalist, we offer the R1 fungo.

This model features a standard knob that transitions into a thin handle and is most likely to represent your metal bat equivalent.

If you find yourself looking for more comfort, or just something a little more exotic the R2 fungo is for you.

This Viper Bats exclusive is a favorite with professional coaches down to youth as it features a flared knob that allows for it to rest comfortably in your hands for a smooth, easy swing.

Whether you’re looking to improve your game as a coach or simply looking to find something that suits you a little better, the Viper Bats fungos are crafted specifically to give you the confidence and comfort to command practice.