Not serious enough, or just right?

Watching a Little League Majors game yesterday and observed a play where the runner on first took off for second with one out on a pop-fly to the second baseman. The 2B caught the ball on the edge of the grass and then threw it to first to complete the double-play to end the inning. Both the first base coach and player jogged into to the dugout together and the manager pointed at them and said, “You guys!” in a nice way. The kid laughingly said the coach told him to go. The manager jokingly asked the fans if there were any interested in becoming the new first base coach. There were jokes made about not having to come to every practice because not all of the coaches did either. The team ultimately lost the game 5-4. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  There certainly didn’t appear to be any pressure to win. It looked like everyone on that team was just as relaxed as they could be. Is this how you believe Little League should be? Should there be more intensity or is this just right?