Custom Team Football Gloves

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The value of high school football

We all know that health concerns are driving down participation in football. But let’s not forget the positives playing the sport can bring. The Los Angeles Times’ Eric Sondheimer always seems to find that special story and his article about football powerhouse Corona Centennial and their coach Matt Logan is no exception. Here is guessing these young men have no regrets about playing the sport.

High School Coach Resigns Amid Threats

Is this what high school sports has come to in America? If what this coach says is true, and there is no reason to believe it isn’t, these parents should be ashamed, if not arrested.

Staying true in high school football

Eric Sondheimer of the Los Angeles Times always, (in our opinion) has the right perspective when it comes to his reporting on high school sports. In his latest article he highlights a player on a team that has fallen on hard times, who also has the right perspective.

Custom Football Gloves

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Good luck to tonight’s gridiron stars!

It’s high school football Friday across America. We love the passion, the school spirit, the intensity. We love how most kids on the field know this will be there last step in the football journey. We also love how some know they’re playing with others who will be moving on to college. In all cases we hope for safety first, and fun next. Have a great game tonight!

Staying true to your school

We’ve brought you other articles by the Los Angeles Times’ Eric Sondheimer, and this is another great one. Nationwide, young students will be playing high school football this weekend. We’re especially cheering for those who chose not to chase greener pastures at glamorous transfer schools and instead decided to play all four years for their original school and community.

High School Camaraderie

The Los Angeles Times’ Eric Sondheimer, writes the local L.A. high school sports beat. And while this article is focused on the city he covers, it is applicable to any city where student-athlete transfers occur. We all know that college sports are big money and, therefore, there’s a lot at stake at the high school level and that athletes must do what is best for their careers. But it is also nice to hear stories such as these and think about the fun and purity that can be high school sports.

Are high-schoolers ready for year-round football?

That’s the question Los Angeles Times reporter Eric Sondheimer asks in yesterday’s column. Many coaches are concerned with the escalation. Here is the article.

Bad day at the office

We had one of those days yesterday when everything at work seemed to go wrong. But its hard to imagine anyone having a worse day than the groundskeeper in Maryland who mowed the high school football field...not looking down to realize it was artificial turf! Well, maybe it will grow back.