What will we do now?

The NCAA Tournament, our self-proclaimed best three weeks in sports, is over. Yes, the MLB is here and that’s great, but what’s the next BIG thing?. Well, beginning tomorrow the biggest golf tournament of the year begins and then a week from today one our favorite month-long sporting events, the NHL playoffs drop the puck! It’s always a great time to be a sports fan!

Fall equipment purchases

You may be involved in a youth soccer league that does a fall season, or a youth baseball league that runs a pitching machine league this fall. Maybe the high school semester just ended and it’s time to look at purchases for baseball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey or soccer this fall. Whatever your needs, we recommend our partner Upstart Sports. They’ll have what you need and, if they don’t, contact them and they’ll get it for you. You can trust the folks at Upstart to get you the best sporting goods at the lowest prices.

That had to hurt

Watch as this minor league hockey player clotheslines himself entering the penalty box. Was he given another penalty for high-sticking or cross-checking even though he did it to himself?

How many days until hockey?

Few other sports inspire fan devotion like hockey. In yesterday’s post we mentioned that there were sixty-one days left until the start of the season. How did we know? The website, How Many Days Until Hockey.com, of course. If you’re a true fan, you’ll make it your homepage.

Twelve greatest hockey commericals of all time

Some of them will make you laugh, some will bring a tear to your eye, (see #2) but all of these commercials which have aired over the years remind us of why hockey is so great. Sixty-one days until the season starts!

Over 1000 youth baseball leagues now using CoachDeck

Another milestone was reached this year as we passed the 1000 mark in youth baseball leagues that have purchased CoachDecks as a resource and appreciation gift for their coaches. As we work towards our next thousand, along with adding to the number of softball, football, soccer and basketball leagues using our product, we are developing new sports such as volleyball, hockey and others. Thank you to all of our terrific customers. We’re proud to have been invited inside your teams’ practices!