Why did Sports Authority go out of business?

There are many reasons that Sports Authority – and many other brick and mortar retailers – went out of business. But for a sporting goods company some of the contributing factors may be unique. Jim Baugh, founder of our partner, PHIT America.org,has some interesting thoughts on the situation. And, as always we call for your support in helping them pass legislation that will encourage more physical activity in America.

A Little Morning Physical Activity Makes the Brain Work Better

Our partners at PHIT America will continue to beat the drum for more physical activity, especially when it comes to children, until the “inactivity pandemic” gripping America ends. PHIT America has started its GO! Grants program, which is a series of grants to elementary school P.E. programs with the goal of getting a fitter, healthier, and smarter America. And a study by the Preventative Medicine Reports once again touts the advantages to learning shown in schools that offer robust physical education programs. Come on, people, let’s figure it out and start funding those phys-ed programs!

Message from Jim Baugh, President of PHIT America

Our partners at PHIT America.org have important news we want to share with you. Below is from Jim Baugh, President of PHIT America:

In 2016, we got another 50,000 kids moving in school-based programs giving us over 100,000 in the past two years. Here are some of the highlights:

We doubled their activity levels adding an avg. of 85 minutes of physical activity per week per child
Many of these kids are being active and playing sports outside of school
In the past two years, almost 300 school programs have been supported
Cost per child for the two years is now at < $15 per child
We already have 3 new Major Sponsors committed to enlarge our impact in 2017; If you want to help us contact me at Jim@PHITAmerica.org

Even though we made a big success this year, 445 schools representing 224,000 kids did NOT get a GO! Grant because of a lack of funds. So, you will be learning soon about a way YOU can help get a kid active, fit and healthy.

For as little as $50, you can jump-start a lifestyle of physical activity for a child. And, for $1,000 you can help a school. THE PHIT ACT – Use PassThePhitAct.org NOW
Yes, 102 to be exact. And the great news the PHIT Act has bi-partisan support: 56 Democrats & 46 Republicans. Congress is starting to get the message.
WE NEED YOUR HELP. Get your employees, contacts and friends to access PassThePhitAct.org to send a message to their Members of Congress. We even have a chance to pass the PHIT Act this year. Help make this happen!

GREAT stuff from the folks at PHIT…let’s help them make America a healthier, more PHIT place!

Massive pricetag on massive waistlines

Our partners at PHIT America.org will keep rining the bell until we come to our senses and get up and get fit. The latest? A report in The Lancet which details the estimated financial cost of inactivity worldwide to be an astounding $67.5 billion dollars annually, with 5.3 million global deaths attributed to sedentary lifestyles. We have got to improve our behavior if we want to live longer, healthier lives.

Texas 60 program working wonders for kids’ learning

Our partners at PHIT America have been saying it for some time…more recess and physical activity leads to better classroom performance. Well, six elementary schools in the Fort Worth/Irving area of Texas are proving it true. They’ve modeled themselves after a Finnish approach that has worked for decades and now are giving children 60 minutes of recess, (four periods of 15 minutes) each day, compared to the average total of 27 minutes. The results have been a dramatic improvement in scholastic achievement. This should be a no-brainer for school programs nationwide. Let’s not cut Phys-Ed programs, let’s increase them!

Sports industry exec rides cross-country to benefit PHIT America

More exciting news from our partners at PHIT America.org.  Sports industry executive and veteran Doug Gordon will be taking a bicycle trek from one coast to the other beginning Monday, February 15 to raise money and awareness for PHIT. The 60-day trip will begin in Charleston, SC and wind up in San Diego. You can follow the trip at RideDougRide.org.

Twenty-three minutes isn’t enough

But sadly, that’s all the physical activity our schoolchildren are getting per day on average. Our partners at PHIT America.org aim to change that. This article explains how educators are cutting physical education time due to a variety of reasons and that the result is not only poorer physical fitness, but a reduction in learning as well. We need more action-based learning and less sedentary classwork. Help PHIT America make a change!