Little League groundskeeper will be missed

Ted Haller has been meticulously tending to the Glendora Little League fields as a volunteer for 36 years. He’s about to say goodbye. The L.A. Times Bill Plaschke has the wonderful story.

Doing their Patriotic duty

We thought we’d bring you another nice article by L.A. Times high school sports reporter, Eric Sondheimer. This time, a feel-good story about a couple of high school baseball players who are going on to a new stage in their careers, in service to their country.

Maybe we will need a SurfDeck

There are many benefits to surfing that are clearly apparent. But one of our favorite columnists, Chris Erskine of the L.A. Times writes about how it is catching on as a legitimately-sanctioned sport in Southern California high schools. And his take is amusing and thought-provoking. The title, No screaming parents? And you call surfing a sport? should be enough to peak  your interest. Very worthwhile read for parents of young athletes, even if you live in Nebraska.

Welcome back, hockey and Chris Erskine

We’re big fans of both the NHL, (yes, we’re working on our CoachDeck for hockey) and LA Times’ writer, Chris Erskine. For your Friday, enjoy another of his whimsical articles and let’s drop the puck!

Chris Erskine on Sumo

Another enjoyable and humorous article from the L.A. Times’ Chris Erskine. This one, not on a topic we usually cover. But who knows, maybe the future holds a CoachDeck for Sumo Wrestling!

PONY team 1-6 and still winners

The L.A. Times’ Chris Erskine has done it again. This humorous and entertaining article about the baseball team he coaches encapsulates what youth sports are supposed to be about.

USC walk-on has no regrets

In these days of big-money college sports it is so refreshing to read a story about the true essence of college football as embodied by USC walk-on tight end, Nate Guertler. You’ll want to read the L.A. Times’ Bill Plaschke terrific story about this young man and his younger brother.

Baseball slang guide

The L.A. Times’ Chris Erskine is at it again. This article, An Essential Guide to Baseball Slang for Newbies to the Sport is one of his funniest yet. We’re big fans of Erskine’s lighthearted, never mean-spirited sense of humor and so will you be.

Standing ovation for the actor!

We’ve brought you articles from the L.A. Times’ Chris Erskine for years. This one may be our favorite yet. Retired actor Paul Napier who was the original Mr. Goodwrench and had parts in commercials and television shows over a lifelong acting career has been moonlighting for the past 45 years as a high school and youth sports coach. You’ll want to read his aphorisms in the piece and enjoy the wisdom his age and experience have brought him.

U.S. Soccer Federation vs. high school soccer

In this piece by the L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer, we must decide if the U.S. Soccer Federation’s decision to demand that the top high school players – thousands of them – must give up playing for their high schools so that the United States has a chance to field twenty or so on a championship World Cup or Olympic team.