Running the best youth baseball practice

If you are coaching a Little League or other youth baseball or softball team, here is another tip to keep in mind for your next practice. Finish every practice with our 4-3-2-1 drill. They won’t like it, but it is great for conditioning, great for base running, excellent to add focus and, most importantly, fosters an environment of “investment” so that every player has put so much into practice throughout the season that they will do nearly anything to make it pay off. And here’s a sub-tip. As a positive reward, throughout practice, reward great efforts, hustle, and heads-up plays by taking one lap off 4-3-2-1. Maybe if they have a good enough practice they won’t even have to do it!

More baseball coaching tips

If you’re running a baseball or softball team this spring, here’s another idea to make practices go a little more smoothly. Break your team up into smaller groups so that they get more repetitions and so that there is less standing around. Have one assistant coach take 3-4¬†players out into right field and work on base running. Have another helper take another 3-4 into left field and have them catch pop flies. Meanwhile you can spread the rest around the infield and work on ground balls and throws to first. After five or six minutes, rotate the groups each to a new station. If you need ideas for stations to do with your teams, or specific instructions to give to your assistants, our deck of cards can definitely help. With a CoachDeck, even if your helper is just a parent who came to watch, they can run a fun and valuable drills which helps you create a dynamic and effective practice environment.

Your coaches will love their CoachDecks

Feedback we received the other day from a Little League President who ordered CoachDecks which he had just handed out to his managers. He said they all loved the decks and asked if they could have one to give to their coaches. Our handy, little deck of 52 fundamental drills broken into four, color-coded categories is exactly what your coaches and managers need this season since we know they don’t have time for books, manuals or online training sites. They need something they can carry onto the field and use at a moment’s notice while players are getting out of their parents’ cars. Every drill in the deck can be made into a fun and exciting game that kids love so they’ll want to come to every practice.

What’s next, Coach?

Have you been in this situation? One drill just ended. There’s still an hour left of practice. All of your players are circled around you, looking up expectantly, wondering what you’re going to have them do next. Since you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, you just throw batting practice or have them scrimmage. And now a promising practice just turned boring. If you’d had a CoachDeck you could have reached in your pocket, pulled out your trusty deck of cards with 52 good, fundamental drills broken into four color-coded categories and picked one out. Or, fan the cards and let a player choose for a little added fun. Each drill can be turned into a game the kids love so they will enjoy learning and love your practices. “What’s next, Coach?”

Baseball drills

We’ve honed them over the years. We’ve swapped out some older ones with new fresh ones and now we think we’ve got it about perfect! If you need baseball drills you can use “on-the-fly,” so when you show up at practice straight from work and haven’t had time to put anything together you can still run a great practice. Our drills all come with instructions on how to turn them into fun games that competitive kids will love to play and want to do again and again. No one should ever run a boring baseball practice, especially at the youth, Little League level. Get a CoachDeck and watch every player show up for every practice!