MLB Postseason!

True baseball fans are excited but also a little sad this morning as the Major League Baseball regular season came to a conclusion Sunday. Baseball fans love reading box scores, watching top ten plays of the day, web gems and everything else that comes with the long, slow summer that baseball signifies each year. However, with playoffs beginning tomorrow, there is an entire new and exciting season awaiting. Good luck to all division champions and wild cards!

What more could a sports fan want?

The Cubs and the Indians in the World Series. College football. NFL. Hockey season has started and so has the NBA. It’s that magical time of year when the four major sports seasons collide in spectacular fashion, if only of for one more day. Savor it, sports fans. It is like the Hailey’s comet of fandom!

They’ve got to do something

More and more fans are being injured in Major League Baseball games from flying bats and balls going into the stands. Look how close we were to disaster yesterday in this Pittsburgh Pirates spring training game in Kissimmee, FL. Thank goodness this hero was able to react quickly enough. It seems that a solution to make things safer is not that difficult to enact. Let’s hope folks running major and minor league baseball teams act before tragedy strikes.

Urban Youth Baseball Academy going into Kansas City

Kansas City mayor, Sly James, announced a plan to partner with Major League Baseball and implement a nearly $15 million youth baseball facility in the city, with back from the MLB. The facility promises to encourage youth to become interested in and play the sport as well as to provide both athletic and educational opportunities. More on the project can be found here.

Baseball motivation video

Our friends at Protex Sports posted this to their Facebook Page and we liked it so much we wanted to share it with you. Spring Training has begun, and in less than a month baseball will be in full force. Whether you’re in Little League, high school, college or the pros, we think you’ll like, and be motivated by, this video.

Opening Day just around the corner!

And we’re not talking about Major League Baseball, though that too is only 56 days away. Youth baseball leagues everywhere are planning for their first pitches. Youth baseball leagues need help with fundraisers, uniforms, trophies, registration, field maintenance, coaching and much more. It takes dozens of volunteers to run a successful season. Chip in and help out with your local league. You’ll be glad you did!

This is awesome

Guilder Rodriguez spent 13 seasons and 1,095 games in the minors before finally being called up to the Majors last week. Yesterday he got his first Big League hit with his parents watching. Just like his dad, be ready to dab a few tears from your eyes after you watch this.