He will be missed

If you’re only a casual sports fan, you’ll still love the poignancy of the moment. A legendary athlete, Mariano, “Mo” Rivera, walking off his home stadium field for the last time. If you’re a baseball fan, you know an iconic and historic piece of the game has come to an end. And if you’re a Yankee fan, this scene is heart-wrenching as you watch a hero, who gave you countless wonderful moments and did it with class and dignity, say goodbye. His likes will never be seen again.

Congratulations, Mo!

We typically do not promote individual sports stars or teams, but when an individual who has had as lengthy and successful career as Mariano Rivera while maintaining class and humility reaches any final milestones, (in this case his final All-star game appearance, in which, he was named MVP), it is worth sharing. Notice how his teammates waited to take the field for Mo to get to the mound alone and receive his lengthy tribute from fans and players.