Notre Dame – Michigan rivalry comes to an end

We guess everything changes. The Big Ten has 13 teams, (or is it 14? who knows?). A few years ago, TCU played in the Rose Bowl. But one constant, (at least pretty constant) since 1977 was that early in the college football season you could count on one of the greatest games and rivalries of the season either in South Bend or Ann Arbor. And, after tomorrow’s game, that ends for the foreseeable future. It’s a shame. Here is a terrific article about The Game and it’s history by’s Michael Rosenberg. Well, at least the final game will be played in the afternoon sun on the hallowed grass field at Notre Dame stadium. Oh…wait.

Twelve year-old cancer patient beats “Michigan”

Twelve year-old Grant Reed is a rabid Ohio State fan. And he has cancer. Or he did. See here how this young man used his love to OSU and hatred for Michigan to enable him to complete his chemotherapy regimen and emerge victorious.