What will we do now?

The NCAA Tournament, our self-proclaimed best three weeks in sports, is over. Yes, the MLB is here and that’s great, but what’s the next BIG thing?. Well, beginning tomorrow the biggest golf tournament of the year begins and then a week from today one our favorite month-long sporting events, the NHL playoffs drop the puck! It’s always a great time to be a sports fan!

Sports alive and well in the United States

There are some doom and gloom prognostications about the state of professional sports in the United States. Football has a concussion problem. Parents are no longer allowing their children to play. Baseball has a millennial issue. The game is too slow for the new, “I need to know everything now” generation. Pro basketball does not relate to the common fan.

Well, over 100 million people watched the Super Bowl, Major League revenues continue to soar, and the NBA’s ratings are up 30% this year. What is America’s pastime? Watching sports, enjoying our teams, and rooting for athletes. We believe it always will be.

Game 7 Heaven

You may not be a Dodgers or an Astros fan. You may not even be a fan of baseball. But Game 7’s in the World Series don’t come around often and if you’re a fan of sports not much can match it for intensity and energy. Enjoy saying goodbye to the baseball season in the most glorious way tonight!

Another exciting weekend ahead

Top ten college football games, a full NFL, NBA and NHL schedule, maybe, (Houstonians hope) a Game 7 MLB playoff game, you’ve got it all this weekend. Don’t forget to get out and enjoy the fall weather and get some exercise and play with the kids!

MLB Postseason!

True baseball fans are excited but also a little sad this morning as the Major League Baseball regular season came to a conclusion Sunday. Baseball fans love reading box scores, watching top ten plays of the day, web gems and everything else that comes with the long, slow summer that baseball signifies each year. However, with playoffs beginning tomorrow, there is an entire new and exciting season awaiting. Good luck to all division champions and wild cards!


All of the demons were exorcised and The Curse shredded. The Cubs are finally World Champions. Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians for a valiant run in the face of much adversity and to both teams for giving us a thrilling Game 7. We’re sad to see baseball go but know that before we know it, spring will be in the air and a new season will be begin. Until 2017, baseball!

What more could a sports fan want?

The Cubs and the Indians in the World Series. College football. NFL. Hockey season has started and so has the NBA. It’s that magical time of year when the four major sports seasons collide in spectacular fashion, if only of for one more day. Savor it, sports fans. It is like the Hailey’s comet of fandom!

Baseball motivation video

Our friends at Protex Sports posted this to their Facebook Page and we liked it so much we wanted to share it with you. Spring Training has begun, and in less than a month baseball will be in full force. Whether you’re in Little League, high school, college or the pros, we think you’ll like, and be motivated by, this video.

Should they be in?

The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame announced its new class of inductees yesterday. The four new members are Randy Johnson, Craig Biggio, John Smoltz and Pedro Martinez. However, as is the case each year, many other candidates who were arguably also deserving were left out. MLB Lead Writer for Bleacher Report, Jason Catania, makes a case for ten who he feels were snubbed. Some have been linked to using performance enhancing drugs. Do you feel they should be in the Hall, regardless of PED’s?

He hit the cover off the ball

If you haven’t seen this, take a look. Milwaukee Brewers catcher Martin Maldonado hit a ball to the Pirates’ third baseman Pedro Alvarez. When the ball got to Alvarez, half the cover was torn off. He threw it anyway. Somewhere, in a baseball factory far away, a quality-control supervisor is getting reprimanded.