Your NFL weekend

Playoff races are heating up. And in case you forgot, Christmas Day is Sunday, the usual day for the NFL schedule. This year there won’t be a full slate on Sunday. Here, courtesy of CBS Sports, is a list of where you can find all the games this week.

How every Packers fan felt Sunday

If  you haven’t seen this video, it’s only 50 seconds long, but it will make your day. This poor little six year-old can’t stop crying after watching his beloved Packers lose in overtime to the Seattle Seahawks. When he sees a ‘Hawks player riding a bicycle around the field in celebration he goes over the edge. The little boy’s mother is tremendous.

Football popularity in the U.S.

Here is another very interesting graphic courtesy of and Joseph Stromberg. This one depicts the popularity of NFL teams in the United States by color-coding every county in the nation. Looks like the Cowboys could make a strong argument for being America’s Team.

Sounds from the NFL

Now that football is back in full force, here is a terrific compilation of sound bytes from NFL players that will take you into the game in a way you haven’t experienced before.