Texas 60 program working wonders for kids’ learning

Our partners at PHIT America have been saying it for some time…more recess and physical activity leads to better classroom performance. Well, six elementary schools in the Fort Worth/Irving area of Texas are proving it true. They’ve modeled themselves after a Finnish approach that has worked for decades and now are giving children 60 minutes of recess, (four periods of 15 minutes) each day, compared to the average total of 27 minutes. The results have been a dramatic improvement in scholastic achievement. This should be a no-brainer for school programs nationwide. Let’s not cut Phys-Ed programs, let’s increase them!

How likely is it your athletic kid will turn pro?

As usual, a terrific article/piece from National Public Radio (NPR). Definitely brings some perspective.

Some may be more prone to concussions than others

Researchers are trying to figure out if there are some who might be more susceptible to concussions and if this could aid in prevention. This article from National Public Radio explains.