Well, not every team that hoped to get in did, which is always the case. There were some snubs and many were questionable, but the field of 68 is set and we couldn’t be more excited for our favorite sporting event of the year! Fill out your brackets and tell us who you’ve got. The field this year is wide open!

Basketball buffet

Today, sit down to a feast of college basketball hoops….all you can eat….beginning at Noon EST and going late into the night. March is here. Hope you’re hungry!

It’s here! It’s finally here!

The best four days of sports kick off today, first tip time around 12:15 EST, with play continuing late into the early morning tomorrow! There will be buzzer-beaters, upsets, drama, tears, hugs, joy, sorrow and some great athletic feats in between. Tuesday we gave you the channel directory for all the networks carrying the games. Here is the full schedule for the weekend. Don’t forget to fill out your brackets before the deadline this morning!

Seven Crazy Cinderella Stories

When you fill out your brackets we know you need that one Cinderella to take you to the promised land. Here, courtesy of, is a synopsis of 7 incredible runs through the tournament by teams not supposed to be there. How many do you remember?

March Madness, Baby!

It’s here, and we’re all excited! We love the NCAA Tournament and CoachDeck and cant wait to fill out our brackets. The parity in this year’s field means lots of upsets and Cinderella runs… What else is new! Good luck with your bracket!

College Hoops Heaven (2)

We told you yesterday that we were fired-up about a day of college basketball that began at Noon Eastern time and would go well past midnight. Well, college basketball junkies, it’s even better today! Not only do games begin earlier and go later, the slate on tap is better as semi-final and quarter-final games begin paring out pretenders from contenders and bringing opportunities to Cinderellas. Enjoy the feast!

College Hoops Heaven?

Is there a better day than today for college hoops fans? Sure, a week from today the Big Dance begins and we all know that the first two (four?) days of the tournament are impossible to beat. But look what’s on tap today. The first games of the day begin at Noon Eastern Time and the final games start at 11:30 PM. That means an astounding 14-hour smorgasbord of hardwood to feast on, with 13 games involving ranked teams. Enjoy!