Exercise and save $2500 each year

That’s what a study published by The New York Times reveals, brought to us by our partners at PHITAmerica.org. Help them pass the PHIT Act in congress and your workouts will save you even more.

Keep Sports Fun

This article, courtesy of the New York Times and Mark Hyman is a few years old, but its message is current. We couldn’t agree more.

Eye Injuries in Youth Sports

There is a cause for concern for parents with children playing youth sports. This article, published in the New York Times, is a must-read, courtesy Gretchen Reynolds.

Want to save $2500? Play ball!

Our partners at PHIT America.org have passed along an aritcle from the New York Times that details the financial impact of staying fit and healthy. If living a longer, healthier, more active and enjoyable life isn’t reason enough, maybe the impact it has on your wallet will be. Get out and do something before it’s too late! (We’re talking about winter coming, not something more ominous…well, maybe!)

Goodbye, Euro Cup!

The European Soccer Championships were a joy to watch, culminating with Portugal’s 1-0 championship victory over France. Here is a poignant and somber look at the importance of the tournament to one nation, and a more lighthearted glance at the final game.

How many swings has Derek Jeter taken?

The New York Times figured it out. With only about twelve days left in the Yankee great’s incredible career, you might want to sit back and admire this for a few minutes.