Have a fantastic Friday

Watching the NHL Playoffs this weekend? Maybe the NBA? Hopefully enjoying the nice spring weather and going outside for a round of golf, some tennis, or perhaps coaching a youth baseball, softball or soccer game using your CoachDeck cards. Whatever the plan, make it fun and make it sporting!

Another exciting weekend ahead

Top ten college football games, a full NFL, NBA and NHL schedule, maybe, (Houstonians hope) a Game 7 MLB playoff game, you’ve got it all this weekend. Don’t forget to get out and enjoy the fall weather and get some exercise and play with the kids!

NHL hockey is back!

While it seems like just yesterday the Stanley Cup Finals were winding down with a Los Angeles Kings’ championship, it also feels like its been forever since they’ve dropped the puck. Yesterday, another great season of hockey began, further cementing October as the greatest sports month of all.

Top 10 NHL plays of the 2013/2014 season

The Stanley Cup Championship playoffs are underway! Here’s a look back of the top 10 plays of the regular season courtesy of ESPN. Enjoy your hockey!

Quest for the cup begins tonight

After 1230 games over 195 days, the “second season” of the NHL begins tonight as the playoffs get underway. There may be nothing in pro sports as compelling as the Stanley Cup tournament. Here is a great video of the season’s best moments to kick-off the occasion.

He’s a hockey player

We’ve posted similar videos before. Need any more evidence that hockey players are the toughest breed?

How many days until hockey?

Few other sports inspire fan devotion like hockey. In yesterday’s post we mentioned that there were sixty-one days left until the start of the season. How did we know? The website, How Many Days Until Hockey.com, of course. If you’re a true fan, you’ll make it your homepage.

Twelve greatest hockey commericals of all time

Some of them will make you laugh, some will bring a tear to your eye, (see #2) but all of these commercials which have aired over the years remind us of why hockey is so great. Sixty-one days until the season starts!

Stanley Cup Playoffs Promo

NHL hockey playoffs are among the greatest in sport. If you don’t believe it, watch this playoff promo video and see if you don’t get chills.