Congratulations to North Boulder Little League!

North Boulder, (CO) Little League signed on as a CoachDeck customer prior to this year’s season. That means their volunteer coaches were able to use our fun deck of 52 drills and games on the field at every practice. Their Majors all-star team had a tremendous run, culminating in the Colorado State Championship! We’d like to think that we had a small part in those kids’ success and wish them the best as they move on beyond Little League.

Little League action is back!

We love this time of year as Little League baseball games are televised nationally. Yesterday’s game between McAllister, (San Antonio) and North Boulder, (CO) was a nail-biter, coming down to the final out. North Boulder, a seeming underdog, prevailed 5-4 to get into the Southwestern Region semi-finals. It was noteworthy in that this is the first time in history that a team from Colorado has beaten a team from Texas in this region. Congratulations to both teams!