Bounce in activity after the Olympics?

That’s what Dr. Richard So hopes as a way to combat childhood obesity. It is recommended that all children are active and outside for at least one hour per day. Why not set up some fun olympic events for your own children?

Tchau, Rio!

When The Games began we took them for granted, and didn’t watch every day because they’d be on again tomorrow. There were some hiccups, such as the green pool water, but overall Rio held up its end of the bargain. By the time we came to the final few days it began to sink in that soon they’d be over for another four years. There is nothing like seeing athletes in sports that we don’t find mainstream working hard to achieve an incredible dream…the elation of success, the devastation of loss. We all love the Olympics because it brings out the best in our human spirit…and because we only get to savor them once every four years. See you in Japan!

Can’t get enough Olympics?

So far, the 2016 summer games have been spectacular with nary a mention of any of the issues swirling around Rio’s preparation and readiness for the games. So, forget all that, sit back and watch and enjoy! Here’s where  you can see everything you need to know about the competitions, including live-streaming events and full schedules.

Free subway ride? Give me 30 squats!

To promote the upcoming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, subway stations in  Moscow have installed these cool machines that will allow passengers to do 30 squats in exchange for a ticket. Watch the cool video here. Nations working to curb obesity (like the United States) should take note of this brilliant idea, which could apply to many things beyond train rides. What a great idea.