PHIT going to The House!

Big announcement from our friends at!

Great News! The PHIT ACT passed the House Ways and Means Committee by a vote of 28-7 with significant bi-partisan support.  It now goes to full House of Representatives for a vote during the week of July 23 as part of the Health Savings Act Reform Bill.

We will keep you posted but your support has helped. Lets keep the pressure on. We are ‘moving it down the field’

PHIT America thanks you for your support. The ‘Inactivty Pandemic’ continues to get worse but passing the PHIT Act is a great step to create an active, fit and healthy America.

Soon we will be announcing great results for our PHIT America GO! Grants for 2018. We will also start to educate Americans on the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ and our solutions.  You will be seeing the release of our 30-minute PHIT America Documercial and video.  And, this fall, look out for a high visibilty 45 day fitness ‘ride’ across America.

Stay posted.

More great news from PHIT

Our partners PHIT are making tremendous strides (no pun intended) toward getting America fit and healthy. Their land mark legislation is getting closer to passing in Congress and, when it does, we’ll all benefit!

PHIT trying to defuse ‘ticking time bomb’

Our partners at PHIT are concerned about the inactivity pandemic gripping America and it’s potential consequences it will have, especially on children and low income families. Help PHIT pass the PHIT act in Congress and support a healthier America!

Are we less PHIT than Canada?

Why does the Canadian government invest in physical activity for their citizens, but the United States doesn’t seem to see the payoff? That’s what our partners at PHIT America would like to know. Help pass the PHIT Act and let’s catch up to our neighbors to the north!

Is lack of fitness putting our national security at risk?

Our partners at PHIT have issued a message that underscores their mission of improving the fitness of adults and, especially, children in the United States.  Due to a lack of physical education programs in American schools, more and more children are lacking the physical abilities required to serve in the military. “One in three children are overweight and obese and about 71% of our children cannot serve in the United States military because they are overweight or obese,” said retired Rear Admiral James Rodman. Helping pass PHIT America’s PHIT Act would be a great start toward reversing this trend.

Let’s pass the PHIT Act!

One of the saddest things we could imagine is the idea of grade school and middle school aged children who would like to participate in a sport, but who are unable because their families cannot afford it. Our partners at PHIT feel the same way and are trying to do something about it. The PHIT Act will pave the way for greater participation in not only youth sports, but other fitness programs to make American healthier and fitter. Be sure to contact your congressional leaders and tell them the PHIT Act passage is important to you.

Celebrities going to Capital Hill on behalf of PHIT

Our partner, PHIT is seeing support for their signature PHIT Act gain momentum every day. Next week many celebrities including current and former star athletes will be visiting Capitol Hill to show support for the PHIT Act. The PHIT Act will encourage improved health through increased physical activity for all Americans by making it more affordable to play sports and engage in physical fitness and recreation activities — through the use of Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, Medical Savings Accounts, and other medical reimbursement arrangements. There is an easy-to-use online tool for you to help also, even if you’re not a celebrity!

The PHIT Act Gets Breakthrough Support From Congress

Our partners at PHIT have received some great news. The PHIT Act, which will make physical activity more affordable for all Americans, has been introduced to the United States Senate by four Senators, (two Republican and two Democrat) clearing another hurdle on its way to change the IRS definition of a “medical expense” to include physical activity as a form of prevention.  Expanding the medical expense definition would make physical activity expenses reimbursable using pre-tax dollars in Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)….and would allow consumers to deduct physical activity costs once they meet the 10 percent of income threshold on medical expenses. Imagine being able to deduct your son or daughter’s youth league registration fees, or your health club membership! Contact your congressional representatives and ask for their support!

Cost is an obstacle to kids playing sports

Our partners at are asking for your support in passing the PHIT Act. The PHIT Act would appropriate funds for children and adults to be able to participate in healthy, sports activities. Please read this article, which details evidence from NPR and the Washington Post among others, that sports activities are becoming too pricey for some families and, thus, children who wold like to be active are being left behind.