Get Ready to Move in May!

From our partners at PHIT

In the near future you will hear about the first ever industry wide event, PHIT America Month. The sports & fitness industry is calling on America to GET MOVING IN MAY.  PHIT America has lined up 1000s of events and activities all over the USA to GET AMERICA MOVING.  For an early preview, go to

PHITAmerica Go Grants helping thousands of kids get active

From our Partners at


We have now helped 150,000 kids get active and moving in our school-based physical activity programs. To date, PHIT America with the help of its sponsors, has invested over $1,000,000 in the PHIT America GO! Grants program. Our success is in many ways attributed to our great partners, KIDS in the GAME who have implemented our GO! Grants.

“We are proud to get more kids active and playing sports while fighting the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’,” says Jim Baugh, Founder of PHIT America. “We have beaten our projections and our average cost per child is less than $15. That is an incredibly small price to pay for the transformative power exercise has on these kids’ academic, physical and emotional health. The PHIT America GO! Grants are changing lives. We are doubling kids physical activity levels…adding 85 minutes of physical activity per week. Our cost per child is less than $15 per child. We will put this program and our cost per child up against ANY program in the USA.”


A few key sponsors have driven up the results for the PHIT America GO! Grants. ASICS became the first Platinum Sponsor by pledging an additional $50,000 to PHIT America through a special consumer-centric Global Running Day fundraising initiative in late May/early June of this year. The majority of these funds will impact GO! Grants in California, Hawaii, and Texas in the 2017/18 school year. ASICS is planning other promotional events later this year which will benefit PHIT America and get more kids ‘off the couch’ and active through the GO! Grants program.

Two other major sponsors have gone the extra mile. Recently in Chicago, Life Fitness provided PHIT America GO! Grants to 11 elementary schools in the greater Chicago area. Then, with the help of its PR firm, Edelman & Associates, Life Fitness told the story throughout the greater Chicago area. See the great promotional video which Life Fitness produced HERE. Earlier this year, Technogym with the help of its PR firm, NikeComm, supported schools in northern New Jersey and then exposed their efforts and results to the general media in the greater New York City area.


There is no question the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ is getting worse. Kids are getting increasingly inactive and addicted to electric devices. Our programs – GO! Grants, educational tools, The PHIT Act and a new event in 2018, PHIT America Month – fight the negative trends of the sports & fitness industry.

Please don’t think the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ will just turn around. We need everyone to be proactive and join our ‘Movement’. If you want to help us get America more Active, FIt & Healthy, please contact We have a support level for every size company or organization.


PHIT America Inactivity Reports

Our partners at PHIT have released their newest reports on the state of our nation’s fitness:

Download now the latest look into what is going on with physical activity…and inactivity in our country. There are some alarming trends which must be reversed for both the sports & fitness industry and healthcare in America.

From our partners at PHIT

Our partners at PHIT are concerned that our nation’s children are not active enough. We all should be.

Do You Want To Help 225,000 Kids In 445 Schools Get Active, Fit & Healthy?

“We may see the first generation of kids that will be less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.” Richard H. Carmona, Former Surgeon General. Please help our partners at PHIT complete their mission of ending the inactivity pandemic in America. Share this flyer to help spread the word.

Message from Jim Baugh, President of PHIT America

Our partners at PHIT have important news we want to share with you. Below is from Jim Baugh, President of PHIT America:

In 2016, we got another 50,000 kids moving in school-based programs giving us over 100,000 in the past two years. Here are some of the highlights:

We doubled their activity levels adding an avg. of 85 minutes of physical activity per week per child
Many of these kids are being active and playing sports outside of school
In the past two years, almost 300 school programs have been supported
Cost per child for the two years is now at < $15 per child
We already have 3 new Major Sponsors committed to enlarge our impact in 2017; If you want to help us contact me at

Even though we made a big success this year, 445 schools representing 224,000 kids did NOT get a GO! Grant because of a lack of funds. So, you will be learning soon about a way YOU can help get a kid active, fit and healthy.

For as little as $50, you can jump-start a lifestyle of physical activity for a child. And, for $1,000 you can help a school. THE PHIT ACT – Use NOW
Yes, 102 to be exact. And the great news the PHIT Act has bi-partisan support: 56 Democrats & 46 Republicans. Congress is starting to get the message.
WE NEED YOUR HELP. Get your employees, contacts and friends to access to send a message to their Members of Congress. We even have a chance to pass the PHIT Act this year. Help make this happen!

GREAT stuff from the folks at PHIT…let’s help them make America a healthier, more PHIT place!

Want to save $2500? Play ball!

Our partners at PHIT have passed along an aritcle from the New York Times that details the financial impact of staying fit and healthy. If living a longer, healthier, more active and enjoyable life isn’t reason enough, maybe the impact it has on your wallet will be. Get out and do something before it’s too late! (We’re talking about winter coming, not something more ominous…well, maybe!)

Family Fit Day a Success

So says Adam Molda of the Cedardale Health & Fitness Center in Haverhill, Massachusetts. This was a day filled with fun, activity and fitness. Over 150 local children played tennis, basketball, dodgeball, racquetball, yoga, Zumba, and leaned about nutrition. The day was inspired by our partners, PHIT who continue their epic and worthy crusade to fight the “inactivity pandemic” in America and get folks, young and old, out, moving around, and active. We need more events like this nationwide!

Dale Rules!

Those of you who follow our blog know that our partner, PHIT has a passion for exercise, fitness and activity. They are trying to combat the “Obesity Pandemic” facing America. Well they’ll love Dale Rule’s story. In an effort to combat his own obesity problem and raise awareness for the need for adults to get moving, he embarked on a walk from Seaside, OR to San Diego, CA, arriving at his destination yesterday. Dale Rule has lost 140 lbs since he began his fitness mission and we congratulate him.

Unprecedented level of support for PHIT Act

We’ve been telling you about our partners, PHIT for years and touting their PHIT Act (H.R. 1218/S.2218), a bill that will help the U.S. address the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’. Now, the number of members of the House of Representatives in support of the legislation has reached 100. You can help support this important bill by contacting your congressman.