Family Fit Day a Success

So says Adam Molda of the Cedardale Health & Fitness Center in Haverhill, Massachusetts. This was a day filled with fun, activity and fitness. Over 150 local children played tennis, basketball, dodgeball, racquetball, yoga, Zumba, and leaned about nutrition. The day was inspired by our partners, PHIT who continue their epic and worthy crusade to fight the “inactivity pandemic” in America and get folks, young and old, out, moving around, and active. We need more events like this nationwide!

Dale Rules!

Those of you who follow our blog know that our partner, PHIT has a passion for exercise, fitness and activity. They are trying to combat the “Obesity Pandemic” facing America. Well they’ll love Dale Rule’s story. In an effort to combat his own obesity problem and raise awareness for the need for adults to get moving, he embarked on a walk from Seaside, OR to San Diego, CA, arriving at his destination yesterday. Dale Rule has lost 140 lbs since he began his fitness mission and we congratulate him.

Unprecedented level of support for PHIT Act

We’ve been telling you about our partners, PHIT for years and touting their PHIT Act (H.R. 1218/S.2218), a bill that will help the U.S. address the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’. Now, the number of members of the House of Representatives in support of the legislation has reached 100. You can help support this important bill by contacting your congressman.

Video from PHIT

PHIT, one of our valued partners, has produced a video explaining what they do and why you should want to support them. Help spread the word about PHIT by making this video go viral!

Spread the word about PHIT

Our partners at PHIT do outstanding work. And you can help them by spreading the word. If you know any other companies, people, sponsors who might be interested in their message, pass along this video to help publicize the mission of PHIT!

Can exercise delay mental aging?

That’s what a new study seems to suggest. Check out the article from our partners at PHIT A CBS News study shows exercise, especially in seniors, may reduce aging in the brain, maybe by as much as ten years. Its never too early or too late to get “PHIT”!

PHIT making progress in Washington

Our partners at PHIT, whose mission it is to promote physical activity in America are making tremendous progress in our nation’s capital. The PHIT Act is picking up momentum and dozens of celebrities and athletes have joined the movement. You don’t have to be famous to advocate for a “PHIT” America. Reach out to your congressional leaders here.