Are we less PHIT than Canada?

Why does the Canadian government invest in physical activity for their citizens, but the United States doesn’t seem to see the payoff? That’s what our partners at PHIT America would like to know. Help pass the PHIT Act and let’s catch up to our neighbors to the north!

Exercise and save $2500 each year

That’s what a study published by The New York Times reveals, brought to us by our partners at Help them pass the PHIT Act in congress and your workouts will save you even more.

Video for over-eager sports parents

Our partners at PHIT recommend every sports parent watch a video produced by While it is a little corny, the message of the video is clear and, sadly, all too relevant.

Why did Sports Authority go out of business?

There are many reasons that Sports Authority – and many other brick and mortar retailers – went out of business. But for a sporting goods company some of the contributing factors may be unique. Jim Baugh, founder of our partner, PHIT,has some interesting thoughts on the situation. And, as always we call for your support in helping them pass legislation that will encourage more physical activity in America.

Get the word out on PHIT

Our partners, PHIT have sent out the following news flash. And it should get our attention. Life expectancy is dropping in the United States. With all the new advancements in medicine and health care, how can this be happening. Read the article for the reasons and share so that everyone knows about PHIT’s mission!


Is lack of fitness putting our national security at risk?

Our partners at PHIT have issued a message that underscores their mission of improving the fitness of adults and, especially, children in the United States.  Due to a lack of physical education programs in American schools, more and more children are lacking the physical abilities required to serve in the military. “One in three children are overweight and obese and about 71% of our children cannot serve in the United States military because they are overweight or obese,” said retired Rear Admiral James Rodman. Helping pass PHIT America’s PHIT Act would be a great start toward reversing this trend.

Help on Giving Tuesday

After Cyber Monday comes Giving Tuesday. And two of our favorite causes, both of which help children, are asking for your help. And both will double your generous gift.


A donation of $20 can help to get one kid off the couch and active in 2017. Can you help us raise $1000 and get at least 50 kids active next year?


Bombs. Airstrikes. Artillery fire. These are the sounds that children in Syria wake up and go to bed to each day.

Children in Syria, Iraq and Yemen saw the same sun rise as you did this morning — but they face a bitter future and a constant and painful fight for survival.

This Giving Tuesday I’m asking you to take advantage of a powerful match offer and DOUBLE the critical help you can offer vulnerable children around the world.