PHIT Act passes the House!

Great news from our friends at PHIT

Historic Positive Vote!

In a major step to help overcome the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ and improve the health of Americans, The US House of Representatives late this afternoon passed the PHIT Act by a bipartisan measure of 277-142. This comes less than two weeks after being passed by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Now the PHIT Act moves to the Senate. We still have a lot of work to do on many fronts. We will keep you posted but your support has helped. Lets keep the pressure on. We are ‘moving it down the field’.

PHIT America thanks you for your support. The ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ continues to get worse but passing the PHIT Act is a great step to create an active, fit and healthy America.

Soon we will be announcing great results for our PHIT America GO! Grants for 2018. We will also start to educate Americans on the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ and our solutions. You will be seeing the release of our 30-minute PHIT America Documercial and video. And, this fall, look out for a high visibility 45 day fitness ‘ride’ across America.

Stay posted.

PHIT America needs your help!

PHIT America is the ideal charity and campaign to help kids to  Get Moving!  They need your help to get America to help us do more. Let’s work together to overcome the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ by creating more active, fit and healthy Americans!

CoachDeck is proud to present one of the charities we support, PHIT America. They are doing some amazing things to fight the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’, while getting kids ‘off the couch’ and physically active. We hope you can support PHIT America.  Any support will help. Access

See their presentation here.

Promote PHIT America Month!

Please see below all the tools you can use to promote PHIT America Month to Get America Moving In May. Pleae push out our infographics on every 2-3 days to your contacts.  In addition, PHIT America will be in New York late this month and early May securing TV interviews with national media to promote PHIT America Month and to Get Moving.
For Ambassadors and Celebrities, if you have events in May, please make sure they are part of PHIT America Month. And, if you can make them fundraisers for our charity (less below), it is appreciated.

US Army and PHIT America respond to obesity news

Our partners at PHIT are out to reverse the “obesity pandemic” gripping the United States. Apparently the U.S. Army is taking note as well.

More great news from PHIT

Our partners PHIT are making tremendous strides (no pun intended) toward getting America fit and healthy. Their land mark legislation is getting closer to passing in Congress and, when it does, we’ll all benefit!

Sports on television viewership down in young people

Our partners at are trying to get America active. So why be concerned that fewer young people are watching sports on TV? A decline in viewership corresponds with a decline in overall interest in sports. Read the article to see why we should be alarmed.

Walk more, weigh less

The Stanford University study sent to us by our partners at PHIT should come as no surprise. By using smartphone data, the study was able to track people’s walking habits in 100 countries, (the US was ranked 42nd in most-walked) and drew some interesting conclusions. We know the weather can be extreme this time of year, but if you do more walking you’ll lose weight and live longer. And you’ll enjoy it.

Activity level of 19 year-olds akin to the average 60 year-old

That sad statistic is brought to us by our partners at PHIT via a study done by the Washington Post. Isn’t 19 when we should be at our physical peak, running around having fun? According to PHIT this is a result of a combination of reduced recess time in schools, (creating sedentary habits) and increased screen time because of technology. Put down those phones and video games and get outdoors today!

PHIT trying to defuse ‘ticking time bomb’

Our partners at PHIT are concerned about the inactivity pandemic gripping America and it’s potential consequences it will have, especially on children and low income families. Help PHIT pass the PHIT act in Congress and support a healthier America!

Core sports on the decline

More Americans are choosing “casual” sports over “core”, which may not only be bad for participants, but for the industry itself according to an article by our partner, PHIT One issue, which we’ve written about here for years, is the “over-seriousification” we see in youth sports. There are other issues the article addresses as well.