Sports on television viewership down in young people

Our partners at are trying to get America active. So why be concerned that fewer young people are watching sports on TV? A decline in viewership corresponds with a decline in overall interest in sports. Read the article to see why we should be alarmed.

PHIT Act ‘Looking Very Positive’

From our partners at

Many of you may be wondering about the chances for passing the PHIT Act with the new administration and makeup in Congress. Well, in talking to our partners at the SFIA, the mood is very positive. Here are some comments I have received which makes us confident:



  • Trump and the GOP Congress have made Healthcare their top priority
  • Trump and the GOP Congress want to expand HSAs
  • The PHIT Act is only widely supported HSA expansion bill with more democrat co-sponsors the republicans
  • House tax chairman is the former lead sponsor of the PHIT Act
  • The Senate tax chairman dropped his physical activity language in HSA reform bill and replaced it with the PHIT Act language
  • There will be multiple health and tax reform bills in next few months
  • We have done all the leg work. The general consensus is this is the year due to Healthcare reform

    Thanks to all our sponsors for supporting our non-stop efforts to pass the PHIT Act!

Let’s pass the PHIT Act!

One of the saddest things we could imagine is the idea of grade school and middle school aged children who would like to participate in a sport, but who are unable because their families cannot afford it. Our partners at PHIT feel the same way and are trying to do something about it. The PHIT Act will pave the way for greater participation in not only youth sports, but other fitness programs to make American healthier and fitter. Be sure to contact your congressional leaders and tell them the PHIT Act passage is important to you.

Great news from Oklahoma City

Named by Men’s Fitness as America’s Fattest City, Oklahoma City decided to shed some pounds, and the unwanted moniker as well. Our partners at have the details. You won’t believe how many pounds were lost and what steps (no pun intended) were taken to turn OKC into one of America’s fittest cities.

State of Illinois turning its back on PE

From our partners at, comes a sobering reminder that we’re not where we need to be in terms of legislative awareness of the positive benefits of physical education in schools. It is proven that early encouragement of physical activity leads to less obesity later in life and immediate positive effects in the classroom. Make sure you advocate for PHIT by speaking to your law-makers about the importance of PE in schools!

Inactivity Pandemic worsens

According to our partners at, 2015 saw another decline in the number of Americans who would be considered active enough to promote good health. This is especially prevalent in children. We need to get daily PE in every school and begin encouraging good fitness behavior in our youth. Supporting your local youth sports leagues is a good start.

Cost is an obstacle to kids playing sports

Our partners at are asking for your support in passing the PHIT Act. The PHIT Act would appropriate funds for children and adults to be able to participate in healthy, sports activities. Please read this article, which details evidence from NPR and the Washington Post among others, that sports activities are becoming too pricey for some families and, thus, children who wold like to be active are being left behind.

Help PHIT and get a $2000 tax break!

If you already have kids playing sports, or if you are a member of a health club, this is a no-brainer. If you are searching for some financial ‘relief’ from the soaring costs of keeping your child busy playing sports, ask Congress to pass the PHIT (Personal Health Investment Today) Act – today!

In layman’s terms, the PHIT Act is pending Congressional legislation that would allow consumers to use their pre-tax medical accounts to get reimbursed for physical activity expenses that complement a healthy lifestyle, such as health club dues, sports league registration fees, entry fees for road races, pay-to-play school sports fees, personal trainer costs, and many sport-specific equipment purchases. Translation: Up to $2000.00 off  your personal tax bill for doing what you’re doing anyway if this passes!

It takes less than a minute to send a note to your congressional representatives. Just go to and click on Advocate or click here. There is an easy 1-2-3-step process to send an email to your Members of Congress.  “We have made it easy for anyone to have their voice heard. The PHIT Act is a very important piece of legislation for this country. We can help prevent and reduce health care costs while giving families and Americans an incentive to be more active, fit and healthy,” says Jim Baugh, Founder of PHIT America.

More physical activity leads to better classroom performance

Our partner, brings us a study from the Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development which provides evidences that physically active children have increased concentration and enhanced attention spans when compared to their less active peers. Like PHITAmerica and we keep saying, get your kids up, out and moving around!