Five ways to support youth sports

This week we bring you a five-part series from our friends at

In order to make youth sports a positive and enriching experience for all kids, it’s important to understand the challenges many families face in terms of participating in youth sports.

This week we encourage families and your sport organizations to consider 5 components of youth sports – one each day – and how it impacts your kids.

Day 1: Physical Activity

There are a ton of activities competing for your kids’ attention, and across the country physical activities like youth sports are losing the battle to sedentary activities like video games and handheld screens. It’s not that there can’t be benefit from those activities; it’s that kids miss out on some very valuable benefits from being active.

When you are physically active and fit, your are ready for anything!

Longest day of the year

Which means no excuses for not getting outside and doing something today. Yes, it’s Monday and you may have to work, but the sun will be up long after  you clock out. So get out there and run, walk, hike, jump, swim, throw, catch or kick. Your future self will thank you, as will your current self.

Surgeon General calling for more activity

Think about it: Are there times you could walk when, instead  you drive? Do you take elevators when you could take stairs? This report, brought to us by, no surprise, our partners at PHIT explains how the U.S. Surgeon General is asking Americans to make get back to a more physically active way of life. Think of all the benefits to you, (exercise, less heart disease and other illnesses) and on our world, (fewer emissions, smaller carbon footprint). In many ways the “good old days” were just that.