Let’s pass the PHIT Act!

One of the saddest things we could imagine is the idea of grade school and middle school aged children who would like to participate in a sport, but who are unable because their families cannot afford it. Our partners at PHIT America.org feel the same way and are trying to do something about it. The PHIT Act will pave the way for greater participation in not only youth sports, but other fitness programs to make American healthier and fitter. Be sure to contact your congressional leaders and tell them the PHIT Act passage is important to you.

Longest day of the year

Which means no excuses for not getting outside and doing something today. Yes, it’s Monday and you may have to work, but the sun will be up long after  you clock out. So get out there and run, walk, hike, jump, swim, throw, catch or kick. Your future self will thank you, as will your current self.

How important is exercise?

That’s the question our partner, PHIT America.org asked several doctors. While the answers may not come as a surprise, you’ll want to hear what they said in this article.