Fixing throwing mechanics

Recently, a baseball coach inquired through our “Ask the Coach” link on our CoachDeck “Extras” page, ( His questions are below:

1) My son (11 yrs-old) has been playing ball since tee-ball and he’s developed a bad throwing technique.  He keeps his elbow bent and in close to his body when throwing. I keep telling him that he needs to keep his elbow up when throwing…but he’s so used to this bad technique that he can’t stop.  It really effects his power, distance, and accuracy.  Plus, it just looks bad…like he’s shot-putting or throwing “like a girl”.  Are there any drills I can have him do to fix this?
2) I have a boy on my team that has great speed on his pitch…but he has very little accuracy.  It’s like his release point is way early…and his balls sail.  However, occasionally he’ll lay a strike right down the middle that looks great.  I don’t know what I can tell him to get him to be more consistent with his release point. Any ideas?

One of our resident pitching experts, Dan Gazaway of The Pitching Academy, has provided us with some feedback, and even videos to explain and correct the problem:

Answer #1: Nothing gets rid of these habits better than using an elastic band to track mechanics and arm motion. Here is a sample video of how he can use elastic bands to help with dropping the elbow and keeping a good equal and opposite going. Here is a quick video explaining equal and opposite first.

The solution to question  #2 is the elastic band: Here is another video that will help.

Another excellent drill I would highly recommend is this knee drill where you can focus on arm slot.  Look at minute four of this video and I show how to do the knee drill.

Thanks, Dan! Visit The Pitching Academy for more great tips and free information.