Youth League All-Stars can be unfair

This is the time of year we get emails and comments from parents about how unfair all-stars are. They theme is that there are children who deserve to be on the team who have their hearts broken because of nepotism. Board members and coaches’ children get preferential treatment, they maintain. This article we wrote several years ago offers a pretty effective solution for this situation. While it may be too late to implement this in your league this year, join the board and see to it that this policy is enacted for future seasons.

More unfairness in youth sports?

This article from The Daily Freeman addresses a topic we’ve covered numerous times, but it is difficult to say any headway is made. Are there instances of politics and unfairness in youth sports? Most definitely. But, because a parent accuses a coach or league of being unfair, does that mean it is true? Definitely not. If there are twelve kids on a team, there are going to be twelve different opinions about who should be playing where and how much…however only one person – the coach – can make those decisions. Just saying, “My son didn’t play because we weren’t in the clique,” doesn’t make it true. It is important to examine and show both sides of each story. It is likely the truth is somewhere in the middle.