Why coaches won’t go online

Imagine this scenario: You’re a busy, volunteer coach of your son or daughter’s soccer, baseball, basketball or softball team. You probably said you’d coach the team because the league was begging for volunteers. You aren’t really sure how to run an effective practice so the league has pointed you to an online training site where there are animated drills, streaming videos and downloadable practice plans. So you work all day at your job, then come home, have dinner, put the kids to bed and at 9;00 at night have to decide whether to spend a little, precious time with your spouse or log onto a website and start watching videos teaching you to do something you don’t get paid to do. You’d have to print out sheets of paper with drills so that you can remember what to do at practice tomorrow.

Fortunately, there is a better alternative and these leagues have found it. CoachDeck is a standard deck of cards containing 52 good, fundamental drills that can all be made into fun games kids love. Now a coach who doesn’t have time to prepare can simply pull a few cards out of the deck and instantly have a great practice plan ready to go. Nothing is more convenient and easy to use than CoachDeck!

What’s next, Coach?

Have you been in this situation? One drill just ended. There’s still an hour left of practice. All of your players are circled around you, looking up expectantly, wondering what you’re going to have them do next. Since you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, you just throw batting practice or have them scrimmage. And now a promising practice just turned boring. If you’d had a CoachDeck you could have reached in your pocket, pulled out your trusty deck of cards with 52 good, fundamental drills broken into four color-coded categories and picked one out. Or, fan the cards and let a player choose for a little added fun. Each drill can be turned into a game the kids love so they will enjoy learning and love your practices. “What’s next, Coach?”