Why do more kids and coaches come back?

Leagues using CoachDeck tell us that not only do more coaches volunteer to return season after season because they felt like they did a more capable job of running practices, but because children better-enjoyed those fun and productive practices, more of them wanted ┬áto come back and play again the next year. If you’re interested in creating the healthiest and most dynamic league experience possible for your coaches and players, CoachDeck can help!


Coach does the right thing

The Newark Post Online’s Jon Buzby writes a weekly column entitled “Youth Sports Buzz.” Here is a terrific one about a youth basketball coach who felt that one of his rec league’s rules, the utilization of which would have assured his team’s first win of the season at the end of a recent game, was not in the true spirit of competition. He chose not to take advantage of the rule, (which a coach had used the previous game to secure a victory against his team), and while this decision may have cost his team a win, they may have gained a valuable lesson in the process.

Wow! What a shot!

This is exactly the type of rec basketball league we hope uses CoachDeck. But we have to admit that there is no drill in the deck to practice this.