Rick Reilly on DJ

One of our favorite columnists expounds on one of our favorite players. Derek Jeter will be missed. Courtesy ESPN.com.

Wisdom of Lefty

We’re big fans of both Phil Mickelson and ESPN.com’s Rick Reilly. This article, on Rick’s visit to the Mickelson home, shows why. Courtesy ESPN.com.

Bubba continues to be the man

Earlier this week we brought you an article by ESPN.com’s Rick Reilly about the correlation between athletes’ generosity and their character. Right on cue, Masters Champion and seemingly great guy, Bubba Watson showed up at the Ping Golf headquarters and bought all 900 employees lunch. How is this quote from Bubba, as an endorsement of his character?: “These people, they’re helping me. They’re the guys behind the scenes, making sure I have the right equipment, working hard,” Bubba said. “I owe a lot to them, and so this is just a simple way of giving thanks.” Courtesy Golf Digest.

Athletes’ tips tell a tale

We haven’t brought you an an article by Rick Reilly for a while. This one is interesting. Do you believe that how a player tips tells you about his character? Courtesy ESPN.com.

Rick Reilly on Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus

We haven’t posted a piece by ESPN.com’s Rick Reilly in a while. This seemed like a good one to go to.

The guy who got shot

That’s what Zack Golditch doesn’t want to be known as anymore. Read ESPN.com’s Rick Reilly’s account of this young high school football and track star who didn’t let a stray bullet from the Aurora, CO theater shooting stop him from reaching his goals, and the perspective on life he gained by nearly dying.

Rick Reilly on Kawhi Leonard

ESPN.com’s Rick Reilly has written back-to-back articles we want to share. First, if you follow the NBA, you know that the San Antonio Spurs are in the Finals against the Miami Heat. You may also know that Kawhi Leonard has emerged as one of the Spurs stars. However, you may not know the back story that haunts and drives him. Now you do. Tomorrow’s article is about an athlete who survived the Aurora, CO shootings.