This is the kind of thing we love to read

A friend of ours posted this on Facebook today about an encounter her son and his high school baseball teammates had at a restaurant with a Major Leaguer. It is too good not to pass along. Hat’s off, Mike Kemp!

A fun story to share..Christian and some of his high school baseball teammates were having dinner at BJ’s after their game tonight – and…San Diego Padre, Matt Kemp, was there too. When the boys went to pay their bill – of course, asking for separate checks, the waitress told them that their dinner had been paid for…by an anonymous guest. The boys figured it out and when they went over to thank Mr. Kemp – he just said, “Why didn’t you guys order dessert?”  In the words of the boys: “Just about the coolest thing ever.”

Farewell, Mr. Padre

Extremely sad news today as it has been announced that “Mr. Padre”, Tony Gwynn passed away at the age of 54 from cancer. As a player who stayed with the same team for the entirety of his career and always conducted himself with grace and class, his legacy transcends that of one of the greatest hitters of all time. Read the San Diego Union Tribune article here.

Wild finish to 2013 MLB season

On the last day of the 2013 MLB regular season, (and those words are sad to write…oh and technically, tonight’s play-in game between the Rangers and Rays is the final regular season game), Marlins pitcher Henderson Alvarez threw a no-hitter. What’s wild about that? Well it wasn’t a no-hitter when he walked off the mound in the 9th inning. He hadn’t given up a hit, but his team hadn’t scored a run. With the score 0-0 in the bottom of the ninth — and Alvarez on deck — the winning run scored on a wild pitch. Watch the team’s, Alvarez’s and the crowd’s reaction. As the winning run crosses the plate the fans celebrate a win but then immediately realize they’re celebrating something bigger. And when is the last time you’ve seen a pitcher celebrate his no-no from the on-deck circle? And finally, how can it be that the Marlins, a relatively new franchise, have thrown five no-hitters in their history when a team like the Mets only has one and the Padres have never achieved the feat?