OnDeck Advertiser on Sports Product Review

A great pitiching machine make by long-time OnDeck Newsletter advertiser, JUGS Sports has been brilliantly reviewed by Sports Product Review.

Review of Glove Wrap

One of our long-time advertising partners, Unique Sports, recently had a product featured in Sports Product Review. We recommend you check out all of Unique Sports great products. They are very reasonably priced and all, extremely “unique”!

American Baseball Foundation

One of our newest advertisers in our OnDeck Newsletter, The American Baseball Foundation, is among the worthiest of causes we’ve ever encountered. Check out this review of what they do on Sports Product Review. If you’re looking for a great organization to support, if you love kids and sports, this is the one for you.

Welcome new advertiser, The Strike Plate

We are pleased to have The Strike Plate¬†along as a sponsor of our OnDeck Newsletter! This is one of the most exciting new products we’ve seen to help youth pitchers develop properly. Check out this review of the product! If you have youngsters who are hoping to become pitchers, you need The Strike Plate!

NHL playoffs are the greatest!

We’re remiss in our duties not mentioning what an outstanding time of year this is, with NHL playoffs in full swing. You’re not a hockey fan, you say? Give it a chance. Watch tonight’s pivitol Game 2 between the Penguins and Lightning and see if you don’t get hooked. And here is an essay written by our friends at Sports Product Review that will convince you that there is nothing like the NHL playoffs for excitement!