Sudden weight loss for wrestling detrimental

We’ve spoken before about the long-term consequences teen athletes may face when losing weight for wrestling and here is documentation that there are also immediate health impacts that my occur as well. Courtesy our partners at STOP Sports and Jonathan Gelber, MD.

Youth sports knee injuries

Our friends at STOP Sports have this handy tip sheet on prevention and treatment of knee injuries in youth sports. Definitely a must-read for parents and coaches alike.

Sports Injury Specialist Locator

Our partners at STOP Sports have a free tool you can use to find a sports injury clinic near you.  Here you can locate a Primary Care Sports Medicine Specialist, find a Primary Care Sports Medicine Specialist, an Orthopaedic Surgeon; a Pediatrician or Pediatric Specialist, locate a Pediatric Orthopaedic Specialist or a Physical Therapist. There is a wealth of information at STOP Sports, this is just a small taste!

Sports Specialization Study

Our partners at STOP Sports have brought us this interesting study from The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, It is titled, Prevalence of Sport Specialization in High School Athletics and is an important read for all high school athletes and parents.

STOP Sports Injuries Parents’ Toolkit

Want to know how you can prevent injuries in your young athletes? Want tips on helping them get the most out of their bodies without pushing too far? Our partners at STOP Sports have put together a terrific resource kit with free information that will help you keep your kids safe while playing sports.

Preventing ACL injuries in youth sports

Great information from our partners at STOP Sports Includes downloadable PDF for coaches, trainers and parents. There are steps you can take to help prevent ACL injuries in youth sports, young athletes.

Sports with most concussions

This was originally published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and re-tweeted by our partners at STOP Sports The article also contains some good tips for parents to reduce the risk of their children suffering head injuries.

Should more be done to stop arm pain in youth pitchers?

This was brought to our attention by our partners, STOP Sports The study by the American Journal of Sports Medicine is suggested reading for baseball coaches and parents. You can download it here.