Superbowl matchups set

It will be the New England Patriots for a record ninth time against the Atlanta Falcons who have never won the big game. Based on the results from the Conference Championship games this could be a great one! Who are you rooting for?

Chris Erskine on Superbowl 50

We can always count on the Los Angeles Times’ Chris Erskine for an incisive wit that is more truth than parody. Enjoy his take on the upcoming “Big Game”.

Superbowl commercials recap

So you had to get up to use the restroom or get another beverage. Or that onion dip someone brought over was calling your name. And you came back in the room to hear everyone laughing at the tail-end of a commercial. Well, all is not lost. You can watch what you missed here. The Bleacher Report has compiled their ratings of the best and worst ads from Superbowl 49. How did your favorites grade out?

How every Packers fan felt Sunday

If  you haven’t seen this video, it’s only 50 seconds long, but it will make your day. This poor little six year-old can’t stop crying after watching his beloved Packers lose in overtime to the Seattle Seahawks. When he sees a ‘Hawks player riding a bicycle around the field in celebration he goes over the edge. The little boy’s mother is tremendous.

Welcome back, NFL!

The season kicks off with a great game tonight as the Green Bay Packers visit the defending Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. We’ve missed pro football…thanks for coming back to us!

Most likely to be…NFL coaches version

Late night host Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night Superlatives” bit took a humorous stab at some NFL coaches, just in time for this week’s Superbowl.

SI’s 100 greatest superbowl photos

Must see for any pro football fan getting ready for Sunday’s big game. Enjoy this look back at the greatest shots of the greatest game.

Bad NFL lip-reading

Not sure why they call this “Bad” NFL Lip Reading. We think it is pretty good. Submitted for your pre-superbowl pleasure.