Should pitch count limits be waived in perfect games?

That’s what one parent who watch a player have to give up the ball after throwing five perfect innings thinks. This Time Magazine article by Sean Gregory makes the case on both sides.

The big business of youth sports

Youth sports is becoming a huge business with everything from travel costs for parents to new companies springing up to capitalize. Is this a good thing? This Time Magazine article is an eye-opener.

Is money ruining youth sports?

That is the contention of author Douglas Brunt in an article he wrote for Time Magazine recently. How do you feel about his theory?

Deskercises from Time and PHIT America

Thanks to our partner, PHIT for bringing us this nifty article they discovered in Time Magazine. Time has given us ten “deskercises” we can do at work to help fend off the insidious effects of being sedentary for hours at a time. PHIT is committed to getting Americans active and healthy and reversing the “inactivity pandemic” affecting our country. Get up out of your chairs today and “workout” while you work!