What to be thankful for

In this week of Thanksgiving, we may want to reflect on some of the many things as sports parents we have to be thankful for. Like having to get up on Saturday at 4:00 AM to be able to make out-of-town drive to the tournament venue since your child has the 8:00 AM game. Or seeing your plans to get home Sunday evening in time to relax a little before a new work week go astray as games back up and the start time for your last game keeps getting pushed back farther and farther. Because though neither of those things seems to be thanks-worthy, when those years of youth sports are over, we’ll miss them.


Are today’s parents turning kids off sports?

Our partners at PHIT America are making it their mission to get people up and active. So it makes sense that they sound the alarm when it comes to the decline in participation of children in sports. In this article they site a study that finds a direct correlation to the over-involvement of parents, what they term, “hyperparenting,” and kids quitting sports. This clearly leads to inactivity, increased obesity and other health problems and a less fit generation.