Do Kids Need Recovery Drinks After Exercise?

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High-protein recovery drinks are marketed as an essential requirement for any athlete who actually wants to make progress. As a parent of a school-aged athlete, here’s what you need to know before fixing a protein shake for your active child.


What to Look For in a Great Summer Sports Camp

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A sports camp can make or break a young athlete’s summer and overall enthusiasm for their sport. TrueSport has created a guide to help parents choose the perfect camp for their athlete.

What Youth Sport Parents Need to Know About Muscle Cramps

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Does your young athlete struggle with muscle cramps during exercise? New science says there’s more to cramps than dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Read this article for an up-to-date guide to the causes and best practices for preventing and treating muscle cramps.

How Youth Sports Can Lead to a Better Job Later in Life

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As parents, we all like to think we’re steering our children toward activities and opportunities that will help them lead happy, productive, and fulfilling lives. We encourage them to work hard, have integrity, take risks, show gratitude, be respectful, etc. But at some point, deep down, every parent realizes there are no guarantees. There’s no formula that ensures success, but there are definitely behaviors, activities, and opportunities that increase the chances your child will become a successful, ethical, and happy adult. According to recent research, participation in youth sports is one them. A 2014 study by Kniffin, Wansink, and Shimizu examined how participation in high school sports correlated with a person’s behaviors and accomplishments later in life. Here are some of their findings. Read Article

Top 5 Benefits of Mental Preparation for Youth Athletes

Another great article from our friends at Mental preparation is as important for youth athletes as their physical or nutritional preparation. Here are the top 5 benefits of mental preparation.

TrueSport on smack talk

Kids love to emulate professional athletes, but trash talking and verbal taunting have no place in youth sports. Here are tips for curbing trash talk for parents and children from our friends at

Five ways to support youth sports – Day 5

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In order to make youth sports a positive and enriching experience for all kids, it’s important to understand the challenges many families face in terms of participating in youth sports.

This week we encourage families and your sport organizations to consider 5 components of youth sports – one each day – and how it impacts your kids.

Day 5: Stay Safe

None of the great aspects of youth sports matter if we can’t make sure kids are safe while participating. For parents most of this comes down to looking out for all kids, not just your kids.

Maybe it’s unsafe equipment, kids picking on a less-skilled athlete, an inappropriate relationship between a coach and player, dangerous or illegal supplement usage, or an aggressive parent on the sidelines.

There’s an old saying that it takes a village to raise a child; be part of the village.